Time to look younger with the help of a facelift! Wrinkles, loose skin, and more can be corrected using this procedure. A facelift involves the creation of one or more incisions in order to let your plastic surgeon have access to underlying fat and muscle tissues. Once the facelift operation is complete, the incision areas will need to be taken care of correctly.

To remove excess fluid from the facelift incision sites, small plastic tubes called drains may be inserted behind the ears after the surgery. This is done to prevent fluid buildup. An excess of fluid can cause hematomas and seromas, so in these situations, drains can be vital.

It’s important to fully understand the details of a plastic surgery procedure before you make any decisions, so speak to one of the board-certified plastic surgeons at The Plastic Surgery Center to learn more! In order to set up a consultation, you’ll need to contact our office. Call or email today!

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