If you’ve looked into rhinoplasty surgery, you may have seen the term “grafts” used. Typically made from cartilage, grafts can strengthen the internal architecture of the nose. People who don’t have enough nasal cartilage will most likely need these. A pinched nasal tip that looks small and narrow can benefit from grafting.

Cartilage grafts are harvested from the patient’s ear, rib, or septum, depending on the amount of cartilage available in these areas and the desired strength of the graft. The septum is often the first site checked when a pinched nasal tip is involved. If there isn’t enough cartilage there, the ear is usually the next candidate.

Your plastic surgeon will talk to you about grafts if he or she feels that they are necessary to correct your pinched nasal tip. Set up a consultation with The Plastic Surgery Center. Our skilled, board-certified plastic surgeons have the years of experience needed to give you that perfect nose you’ve always wanted. Contact us to set up an appointment.

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