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Many women wonder if breast lift surgery in Sacramento could improve the appearance and position of their breasts. Also known as mastopexy, breast lift has been a top cosmetic surgery procedure for many years.

Gravity, weight fluctuation and pregnancy can cause breasts to sag over time. Restoring a more youthful position to your breasts can help rejuvenate the look of your figure and even restore self-confidence.

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Breast Lift / Mastopexy – What You Need To Know

As you age, your skin becomes less elastic, making it less likely to return to its normal shape after giving birth, breast-feeding or significant weight loss. Combined with time and the effects of gravity, the result can be drooping breasts (ptosis) that have lost their youthful shape. A breast list, also known as mastopexy, can return fuller, more natural and more youthful looking breasts. Many women also take advantage of this opportunity to increase the size or shape of their breasts by adding breast augmentation with implants in Sacramento, CA. Our surgeons can help you to decide if implants will help you to achieve your desired result.

How Mastopexy Is Performed

Your 2- to 4-hour breast lift procedure is normally performed under intravenous sedation with local anesthetic. Stretched skin is removed and the nipples are repositioned higher. Several different techniques are available depending on the degree of lift you’re looking for. Having a breast lift will leave scars, but these scars will be placed so they are easily concealed in a bra or swimsuit. Scars will lighten and become less noticeable over time.

What To Expect After Receiving Your Breast Lift

Immediately following your breast surgery, bandages will be placed on your breasts, and you will be fitted with a surgical bra (a compression garment that promotes healing). You will need to wear this bra for up to a month; your surgeon will provide you with information regarding bathing. Any initial discomfort following your procedure can be minimized with medication. Several weeks of swelling and bruising is to be expected, as is some temporary loss of feeling in your nipples.

Breast Lift FAQs

Will breast lift increase the size of my breasts?

Increasing size is not a primary goal of breast lift, although women can choose to have breast implants placed in conjunction with a lift procedure. Because breast lift elevates the breasts on the chest and reverses sagging, it can create the appearance of larger volume. In addition, by improving symmetry and restoring a perky look by returning low or downward-pointing nipples to a natural appearance, breast lift creates a youthful profile that is more dramatic in its projection, shape and proportion.

Are the results permanent?

You’ve turned back the clock with breast lift, but you haven’t stopped the aging process entirely. You can be confident, however, that your breasts will retain their newly elevated profile for a long time, in the absence of a new pregnancy or dramatic changes in weight. Smaller breasts will typically experience less stretching over time. If in the future you find that your breasts have begun to sag, there is no risk to repeating the procedure.

What is breast ptosis?

Ptosis is the technical term for sagging. To determine the degree of ptosis, plastic surgeons look at the position of the nipple relative to the fold or crease at the base of the breast. This allows your surgeon to quantify the amount of stretching and select the most effective breast lift technique.

In the case of Grade 1 ptosis, the nipple and crease are at the same level. In Grade 2 cases, the nipple has dropped below the crease, but it is still higher than the breast gland area that projects over the fold. In Grade 3 ptosis, the nipple is the lowest part of the breast.

Which technique ensures the least amount of scarring?

Breast lift involves incisions and the removal of skin, so some scarring is inevitable. The experienced Sacramento plastic surgeons of The Plastic Surgery Center always use the least invasive techniques, resulting in the shortest scars.

Scarring will depend on the amount of sagging in the breasts. With minor sagging, your surgeon will use a “crescent incision” along the upper part of the areola. A periareolar incision may be substituted if the areola itself needs to be reshaped. For greater degrees of sagging, either a “lollipop” incision or an “inverted-T” incision may be advised.

The circular incision of the “lollipop” follows the outline of the areola; the incision that mimics a lollipop stick begins at the bottom of the areola and ends at the lower crease of the breast. The “inverted-T” adds an extra incision, along the lower crease of each breast, to the lollipop technique. This is usually required for women with the most sagging.

Your surgeon will discuss with you steps you can take during the recovery process to ensure that that your incisions heal quickly and cleanly, minimizing the appearance of scars.

Can breast lift be performed in conjunction with other procedures?

Yes, this is common. Breast lift is often a key part of mommy makeover, a group of procedures that may also include:

  • Liposuction, a procedure that is highly effective in shrinking specific areas of stubborn fat
  • Tummy tuck, a popular surgery to repair the abdominal wall and remove excess folds of skin
  • Breast augmentation with implants, which, as noted above, increases volume and sculpts a more appealing shape

This suite of surgeries targets the changes the body often undergoes as a result of one or more pregnancies. The goal is to restore an attractive, fit profile — while fortifying self-confidence.

Breast Lift FAQs

Will breast lift increase the size of my breasts?

Breast lift can have a subtle effect on size, even though the goal of the procedure is to restore the projection, balance and “perky” upper body profile of youth. Because some tissue is removed during the surgery, the breasts may seem slightly smaller after breast lift for some patients. Surprisingly, other patients see the opposite result: breasts that appear slightly larger because of their elevated position on the chest. This enhanced profile may give the illusion of larger volume. The best way to think about breast lift is as a proven surgical solution that targets sagging skin, breasts that look deflated, or breasts that have developed a so-called “pancake” look. By reversing droopiness, the surgeon can also correct downward-pointing nipples.

Are the results permanent?

Breast lift is long-lasting, allowing you to maintain your new, revitalized profile for many years. It cannot be said to be permanent, because skin naturally stretches with age, and this will eventually recur. The good news is that because your skin has been tightened, reshaped and refined, this inevitable sagging happens more slowly. There’s a long way to go before your breasts will begin to resemble their pre-surgical shape. Smaller breasts are especially resistant to future stretching. Breast lift’s enduring benefits are at risk if you experience a new pregnancy or major swings in body weight. Either of these will again put significant stress on both skin and anatomical structures.

Which technique ensures the least amount of scarring?

Although incisions are a normal part of a breast lift procedure, the skill, precision and experience of your surgeon can help minimize scarring. The trusted surgeons of The Plastic Surgery Center believe in using the fewest number of incisions necessary, and the shortest length for each incision.

Breasts with less sagging will need less readjustment and fewer incisions. In these cases the “crescent incision” is advised. It leaves a thin scar near the top of the areola. Sometimes the areola needs adjustment as well, and a periareolar incision may be used. For greater degrees of droopiness, either a “lollipop” or “inverted-T” incision is the typical choice. Following the general shape of a lollipop, the first type of incision runs along the circumference of the areola, with a vertical incision straight from the areola to the base of the breast. The “inverted-T” is essentially a lollipop with an extra horizontal incision along the crease where the breast meets the chest. This additional incision is necessary in cases where breast sagging is substantial.

Can breast lift be performed in conjunction with other procedures?

This is frequently done, especially in the case of breast augmentation. Enhancing volume with an implant increases size, but does not improve the breast profile. In fact, large implants may have the effect of creating additional sagging. Adding breast lift to breast augmentation couples the benefits of greater volume with a dramatic improvement in projection and proportion.

Breast lift, sometimes together with augmentation, is also often done as part of a suite of procedures known as mommy makeover. Women seeking to restore their pre-pregnancy body contours typically choose tummy tuck and liposuction as well. Tummy tuck repairs weakened or separated abdominal muscles, and liposuction shrinks areas of stubborn fat.

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