Sacramento Breast lift patient

Many women wonder if breast lift surgery in Sacramento could improve the appearance and position of their breasts. Also known as mastopexy, breast lift has been a top cosmetic surgery procedure for many years.

Gravity, weight fluctuation and pregnancy can cause breasts to sag over time. Restoring a more youthful position to your breasts can help rejuvenate the look of your figure and even restore self-confidence.

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Breast Lift / Mastopexy – What You Need To Know

As you age, your skin becomes less elastic, making it less likely to return to its normal shape after giving birth, breast-feeding or significant weight loss. Combined with time and the effects of gravity, the result can be drooping breasts (ptosis) that have lost their youthful shape. A breast list, also known as mastopexy, can return fuller, more natural and more youthful looking breasts. Many women also take advantage of this opportunity to increase the size or shape of their breasts by adding breast augmentation with implants in Sacramento, CA. Our surgeons can help you to decide if implants will help you to achieve your desired result.

How Mastopexy Is Performed

Your 2- to 4-hour breast lift procedure is normally performed under intravenous sedation with local anesthetic. Stretched skin is removed and the nipples are repositioned higher. Several different techniques are available depending on the degree of lift you’re looking for. Having a breast lift will leave scars, but these scars will be placed so they are easily concealed in a bra or swimsuit. Scars will lighten and become less noticeable over time.

What To Expect After Receiving Your Breast Lift

Immediately following your breast surgery, bandages will be placed on your breasts, and you will be fitted with a surgical bra (a compression garment that promotes healing). You will need to wear this bra for up to a month; your surgeon will provide you with information regarding bathing. Any initial discomfort following your procedure can be minimized with medication. Several weeks of swelling and bruising is to be expected, as is some temporary loss of feeling in your nipples.

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