Don’t smile! Don’t frown! Don’t whistle! Don’t yawn! Don’t kiss! Don’t raise an eyebrow! Don’t show any emotion of any kind at anytime. Especially don’t ever feel stressed. If you do, at least don’t show it! Don’t go in the sun! And, whatever you do, don’t inherit genes that predispose you to a heavy brow! If you’re thinking of doing any of the above, don’t, because if you do, you’re likely at some point in your life to experience drooping eyebrows and lines or furrows that can give you an aged appearance that says to the rest of the world, “I’m tired” or “I’m upset.”

Brow lift patient in Sacramento

So, now that you know what not to do, what are you going to do? What can you do? Well, you can ignore all of the above, live life on your terms and DO what more and more men and women in the Granite Bay area are doing everyday – contact the Plastic Surgery Center about a forehead lift in Sacramento.

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Everything You Need To Know – And More – About a Short Scar Brow Lift

Although the majority of forehead lifts in Sacramento continue to be the traditional, open variety, you might be a candidate for the endoscopic or “short scar” brow lift. Your surgeon at the Plastic Surgery Center can discuss with you options, incision size and locations, and make recommendations based upon your age, the condition of your skin, and your bone structure.

Regardless of whether your doctor advises the open or short scar brow lift, it’s possible to enjoy a more youthful looking appearance and a more energetic expression for as long as 10 years. For even further facial rejuvenation, many patients in Sacramento combine their forehead with eyelid surgery or a facelift in Sacramento.

How a Brow Lift Is Performed

Endoscopic surgery – surgery involving the use of a fiber optic video camera attached to monitor – has been used extensively in Gynecology and Orthopedics for years. Today, it also allows a plastic surgeon to see inside the body without the requirement of a long incision. In fact, in the case of a forehead lift, it allows for 3 to 5 small or “short” incisions, rather than one, large continuous cut. The benefits of the short incisions include less scarring, less loss of blood, less sensory loss and shorter recovery times. Ultimately, in both procedures, your surgeon removes or modifies muscles and tissue beneath the skin, while usually lifting the brows and securing them into place. The result of either surgery is raised eyebrows and a smoother forehead with less frown lines and furrows. Prior to any cosmetic surgery procedure, be sure to follow your plastic surgeon’s instructions on taking medications and vitamins, eating, drinking and stopping smoking.

What To Expect After Your Forehead Lift

Although when compared to the traditional forehead lift, side effects are less with the endoscopic brow lift, it’s still to be expected that you might experience some initial, minor discomfort, including numbness and an itchiness. Medications will minimize any pain you might experience. You should expect to be up and around after 1 to 2 days; around this time, if a bandage was applied, it will be removed and you will be free to wash your hair. Makeup may be utilized to conceal any minor swelling or bruising. In most instances, patients are back at work in 7 to 10 days, although you should plan in the first week to relax, while refraining from strenuous activities – anything that might raise your blood pressure – for at least two weeks. Three weeks after your plastic surgery, you should begin to see a fading of the signs of surgery. It’s recommended you limit both your time in the sun and to heat for at least the first couple of months.

An endoscopic forehead lift is a technically complicated surgery that not just any plastic surgeon can or should perform. Demand the best. Experience is important and special training courses are required. All the plastic surgeons at the Plastic Surgery Center in Sacramento have the training and the expertise you should insist upon.

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