Not sure if you’ve experienced a nasal valve collapse? Try the Cottle maneuver! It’s simple, quick, and extremely helpful in deciding whether or not you need to consider rhinoplasty surgery.

How do you do the Cottle maneuver? Start by choosing which side of the nose you’d like to test. Place your hand on that side of your face, on the cheek. Next, gently pull the skin of your cheek in the opposite direction of your nose using one or two fingers. If this improves your obstructed breathing, nasal valve collapse may have occurred.

Once you’ve tried out the Cottle maneuver for yourself, take the next step with a visit to The Plastic Surgery Center in Sacramento! There, an experienced plastic surgeon will evaluate your nose in greater detail. If surgery is needed, they will create a surgical plan and get you on your way to unobstructed breathing. Contact our office to arrange a consultation today!

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