PRP skin treatment sacramento

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a popular treatment that harnesses growth factors in your blood to improve wound healing and hair re-growth and restore a more youthful complexion. The Plastic Surgery Center offers PRP treatments and often combines the process with microneedling for more dramatic results that address signs of aging and other facial concerns.

How Does PRP Work?

Blood platelets contain protein growth factors that may help trigger collagen production, tissue repair and cellular growth. Collagen is often called the “fountain of youth” protein because it provides that supple appearance associated with younger-looking skin. Unfortunately, collagen production slows down as early as your 20s. PRP treatments stimulate collagen and address other age-related changes and trauma to the skin.

It’s not entirely understood how PRP injections encourage hair growth, decrease pain or improve healing. Still, the theory behind PRP involves specific bioproteins (or growth factors) that flood the treated area to accelerate healing and improve skin health or hair production.

What To Expect During PRP Treatments

PRP treatments involve a three-step process, starting with a blood draw from your arm. The blood sample is then placed in a centrifuge machine to separate the components of the blood. Platelet-rich plasma is typically a straw-like color and contains high concentrations of growth factors. Once isolated, the PRP is injected into the face and may be done in conjunction with microneedling. Microneedling creates micro-injuries in the skin to stimulate the body’s natural healing response and can enhance the effectiveness of PRP treatments. Injectables may also be used with PRP treatments to provide immediate results that improve over time.

There’s little to no downtime needed after PRP treatment, but you may experience some bruising, swelling or discomfort. These concerns typically dissipate within a few days. PRP treatments are considered safe and pose no risk of allergic reaction or rejection because the plasma is derived from your own blood.

Our doctors typically recommend a series of three or four PRP treatments to achieve the best benefits. Visible results usually take a few weeks or months as the growth factors work to improve skin quality.

What Can PRP Treat?

PRP treatments for cosmetic purposes have been used to improve the appearance of wrinkles and smooth deep creases. Loose skin and acne scars may improve with these sessions, especially when combined with microneedling.

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