Body contouring after weight lossLosing a significant amount of weight is a tremendous accomplishment. Unfortunately, many people that lose a lot of weight are left with loose, saggy skin that fails to contract over the body’s smaller shape. This loose skin can obscure the results of someone’s hard work and dedication; it can also limit mobility, make it difficult to get dressed and develop chafing, rashes or even infection. Loose skin won’t respond to diet or exercise. The only way to eliminate it and reveal the body’s new curves is through body contouring surgeries like body lift, thigh lift, arm lift and tummy tuck.

Individuals that are interested in pursuing body contouring surgery must consider timing their procedure(s) carefully. Read on as the team at The Plastic Surgery Center discusses factors that matter when trying to time body contouring after weight loss.

General Health Is Good

People that have chronic medical conditions like heart disease or diabetes normally do not make good candidates for body contouring surgery. If someone is experiencing health problems in the wake of their weight loss, body contouring should be delayed until the problems have resolved. Patients considering elective plastic surgery should also be cleared by their primary care physicians.

Acclimated to New Diet

Fueling the body with the proper nutrients is critical to a smooth recovery from plastic surgery. Individuals that have had bariatric surgery must adjust to an entirely new diet plan, and it can take some time to ensure the body is receiving all of the nutrients it needs. Elective body contouring procedures should be postponed until a person has acclimated to diet changes and they are following a healthy diet.

Weight Has Stabilized

Ideally, body contouring surgery should be postponed until a person’s weight loss has stabilized. If weight is still fluctuating, it can jeopardize the surgical outcomes and possibly increase the risk of surgical or post-operative complications.

The Goals of Surgery Are Clear and Realistic

Plastic surgeons that perform body contouring are very clear about what the procedures can and cannot accomplish. They work closely with surgical candidates to identify the candidate’s treatment goals and determine whether they are realistic. If the patient cannot clearly articulate what they hope to achieve through surgery, or their expectations are unrealistic, it is probably not a good time to pursue body contouring.

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