Breast Reduction vs Breast LiftAt The Plastic Surgery Center, we meet many prospective patients that are uncertain of their breast surgery options and how to achieve the breast contours they desire. There is a lot of confusion surrounding breast reduction and breast lift in particular; although the procedures have slight similarities, they are very different in terms of goals and approach.

What Does Breast Reduction Involve?

Breast reduction is designed for women with oversized, heavy breasts. During the operation, excess breast tissue, fat and skin are removed and the remaining tissue is re-sculpted to restore an attractive breast shape and contour. If the nipple-areolar complex is enlarged, it can be reduced. The result is smaller, lighter breasts that are more proportional to the rest of the body.

Signs Breast Reduction May Be Right for You

Breast reduction may be suitable for your needs and goals if you:

  • Feel as though your breasts are out of proportion with the rest of your body
  • Find that your breast size limits your physical activities (i.e., exercise, hobbies)
  • Regularly experience pain due to the size and weight of your breasts
  • Have other medical problems due to your breast size
  • Have limited clothing options due to your breast size

What Does Breast Lift Involve?

Breast lift is designed for women with breast ptosis (a.k.a., breast sagging) to improve the position of the breasts. The breast tissue is tightened and lifted higher on the chest to create a more attractive breast contour. Excess breast skin is removed and the remaining skin is tightened. The nipple-areolar complex is relocated higher on the breast mound. Although the surgery does not significantly alter the breast size, the breasts look perkier and more youthful.

Is Breast Lift Right for You?

You may benefit from breast lift if you are generally happy with your breast size but are bothered by their sagging. Breast ptosis is common after pregnancy, nursing and weight fluctuation; it is also a normal effect of the aging process.

To determine whether your breast sag is severe enough to require a lift, look at the position of your nipples. Do they sit below your breast crease (i.e., where your breast meets your torso)? If so, a breast lift can help.

Consult with Our Breast Surgeons

Ultimately, the best source of information is a one-on-one consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon that has experience in both procedures. After evaluating your anatomy and discussing your goals, the surgeon can recommend the procedure that is right for you.

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