Liposuction in SacramentoLiposuction continues to be the most popular method of body fat removal, despite the availability of newer, non-surgical sculpting treatments. Liposuction techniques and technology are constantly improving, allowing plastic surgeons to expertly reshape bodies and create smooth contours.

But liposuction is not a magical answer to everyone’s body-related imperfections. Just like all procedures, there are limits to what liposuction can and cannot achieve. Read on to learn more from the team at The Plastic Surgery Center.

What Liposuction Can Do

Spot Reduce Targeted Fat Tissue

Liposuction safely and effectively removes unwanted fat from selected areas of the body. It is most frequently performed on areas such as the abdomen, hips, thighs, lower back, “bra strap” area and upper arms. (Liposuction can also be used to contour more delicate areas, including the neck and chin.)

During the procedure, our plastic surgeons will remove excess fat cells and sculpt the remaining fat cells to produce the desired shape. Once the fat cells are removed from your body, they will not grow back.

Enhance the Balance and Proportions of Your Body

If you are generally thin but tend to hold weight in a specific area, such as your arms, thighs or abdomen, liposuction may be the perfect solution to your needs. By slimming disproportionately large or “heavy” areas, liposuction will sculpt a balanced figure. Instead of worrying that people will notice your thighs or arms, you can proudly show off a fit-looking physique.

What Liposuction Cannot Do

Replace Healthy Lifestyle Habits

If you are expecting to lose a lot of weight with liposuction, you will be disappointed. Liposuction is not meant as a substitute for healthy eating or exercise (or weight loss surgery). Our plastic surgeons recommend you be at or near your target body weight prior to your procedure. In our experience, the happiest patients are those who are already in the routine of maintaining their weight through diet and exercise.

Improve the Appearance of Loose Skin or Cellulite

Although liposuction can be combined with skin tightening procedures, liposuction alone will not improve the appearance of loose skin. In fact, performing liposuction on an area with loose skin will make the laxity more obvious. If you are bothered by body areas with excess fat and loose skin, our plastic surgeons can discuss alternative procedures or combination procedures that will address all of your needs.

Furthermore, liposuction cannot improve the appearance of cellulite. Cellulite occurs when pockets of fat bulge up against the underside of the skin while connective tissue bands pull down on the fat. To improve the dimpling and puckering, cellulite treatments must address not only the fat but also the issues with the skin and tissue bands.

To request more information about whether liposuction can help you achieve your body contouring goals, please request a consultation at our practice today.