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Each form of breast surgery offers psychological and physical benefits. The satisfaction rates with breast augmentation, breast reduction and breast reconstruction all show similar improvements in specific areas for mental well-being. Research suggests it doesn’t matter whether you’re getting breast implants, a lift, or removing breast tissue, as long as you’re satisfied with your bust size and comfortable in your body. Our plastic surgeons in Sacramento and Granite Bay can help you feel comfortable in your body through breast surgery.

1.    Better Self Confidence

Studies and survey results show that women experience positive self-confidence changes after breast surgery. One piece of research found that the satisfaction rates after breast reduction, breast augmentation and breast lift were similar with increased physical capacity and improved self-esteem. Women who have immediate breast reconstruction experience fewer body image concerns than those who delay the procedure, but both report the same satisfaction after the reconstruction is complete. Overall, women report improvements in physical, sexual and psychosocial wellbeing after a type of breast surgery.

2.    Reduced Rates of Depression and Anxiety

Women who have breast reconstruction, reduction, augmentation or a breast lift report experiencing less depression and anxiety after their surgery. Those who decrease the size of their bust have fewer physical ailments due to the reduced burden — they breathe easier, sleep better and exercise more because their body is more proportionate. Breast augmentation surveys showed that women who had breast enhancement and a diagnosed eating disorder reported the results improved or alleviated their body dysmorphia.

3.    Improved Quality of Life in a Well-Balanced Body

Breast surgery can do more than provide than cosmetic benefits — it can also boost confidence and improve multiple areas of your life. The positive improvements after breast reduction, such as fewer medical concerns, less pain and a proportionate figure, gave women an increased sense of well-being. Breast reconstruction restored their sense of femininity and self. Women experienced better sexuality, body image and happiness after breast augmentation with breast implants.

Across the board, women who choose breast surgery to balance their body shape report a higher quality of life after the procedure. How you view yourself in the mirror directly impacts your psychological well-being, and breast surgery is one way to enhance your body confidence.

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