Breast augmentation for uneven breasts SacramentoMost women have uneven breasts, with one being larger or rounder than the other. These differences are typically not noticeable to others, but some women may have drastic breast asymmetry that affects their quality of life. Our board-certified plastic surgeons at The Plastic Surgery Center can help you achieve a symmetrical bust with breast augmentation.

What Causes Breast Asymmetry?

An estimated 90% of women have asymmetrical or uneven breasts, and sizable differences in size or shape can cause discomfort and insecurity. For some, one breast is smaller than the other because their breasts grew at different rates during puberty. These women may have one breast that is one or more cup sizes bigger, making it difficult to find a bra that fits correction, let alone clothing.

Precancerous tumors or cysts, breast tissue trauma before puberty, and tuberous breasts may cause asymmetry. Tubular breasts are a congenital abnormality that causes the breast tissue to develop abnormally, with elongated or conical breasts and swollen areolas. Breast cancer treatment with mastectomy or lumpectomy causes uneven breasts that may be restored with breast reconstruction on the affected breasts and may require breast augmentation on the other breast for an even appearance.

How Breast Augmentation Provides Even Breasts

During your consultation, one of our breast surgeons will evaluate your breasts, body type, health, and medical history. They will recommend a surgical approach to provide symmetrical breasts with breast augmentation based on your cosmetic goals.

Breast augmentation for uneven breasts may involve placing a breast implant in the smaller breast to match the larger one. Some patients may choose to have breast implants in both breasts with different volumes to correct asymmetry and enhance the overall chest. Your breast augmentation is customized to your needs. Your anatomy and desired results will dictate the type of implant, implant shape, implant placement, and incision site. Women looking for moderate enhancement for uneven breasts may qualify for fat transfer breast augmentation.

Asymmetrical breasts may vary in ways other than size and shape. Gravity may have affected the breasts’ tissues differently, causing one breast to sag or droop more. Drooping or deflated breasts may appear uneven in size and elevation after pregnancy, aging, or weight loss. Breast lift, or mastopexy, is often combined with breast augmentation to elevate the breasts on the chest wall and ensure the breasts and nipples are evenly placed and shaped.

A combination approach with breast augmentation, breast lift, or even breast reduction may be necessary to address breast asymmetry for some women.

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