Breast Implant Removal in SacramentoAre you unhappy with your breast augmentation results and considering having your implants removed? You are not alone. In the past few years, plastic surgeons have started to see an uptick in requests for breast implant removal.

The Plastic Surgery Center is a leading source of information about breast implant removal and what it entails. Read on as we share what you should know about the surgery.

Reasons for Breast Implant Removal

You may seek out breast implant removal for one or more of the following reasons:

Changes in personal preference

Perhaps it has been a long time since you had your implants placed and you feel they no longer align with your aesthetic tastes or lifestyle. Maybe you have entered a new stage of life (e.g., motherhood or middle age) and desire smaller, more natural-looking breasts that are more proportional to your body.

To relieve pain or discomfort

If you have large implants, you may experience frequent discomfort when exercising or engaging in other types of physical activities. It might be hard to run, jump or swim due to the size and weight of your implants.

Implant complications

Perhaps you have developed a problem affecting one or both of your implants that has caused visual distortion or other complications. Complications are rare but include implant leaking, visible rippling, implant displacement, symmastia and capsular contracture.

Treatment Details

Like breast augmentation, breast implant removal is usually performed on an outpatient basis with anesthesia. Whenever possible, our surgeons will try to use the same incision location as was used when the implants were originally replaced.

During surgery, our surgeons will remove your implants and any surrounding scar tissue. Depending on the size of your implants, how long you have had them and other factors, your natural breast tissue and skin may have stretched out, and simply removing the implants may leave your breasts looking saggy. Our doctors will advise whether you could benefit from breast lift during implant removal. Breast lift involves lifting and tightening the breast tissue and removing excess skin.

Recovering From Breast Implant Removal

Recovering from breast implant removal is very similar to recovering from primary breast augmentation. Expect some bruising and swelling and plan to take about a week off from work to recuperate. You will need to avoid heavy lifting, straining or overexerting yourself as your body heals. Our team will monitor you closely to ensure a smooth recovery.

For more information about removing your breast implants, please request an appointment with the team of doctors at The Plastic Surgery Center. You can reach us by phone or email.