PRP therapy in Sacramento

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a revolutionary treatment that promotes healing in damaged or injured tissues. Often used for muscle and joint issues, PRP has ample benefits for your health and appearance. Initial research shows PRP treatments may improve various signs of aging and may even address male and female pattern baldness.

The Plastic Surgery Center in Sacramento offers PRP treatments for facial rejuvenation and other cosmetic benefits, but what is PRP? Platelet-rich plasma is created from a sample of your blood. It contains protein growth factors that stimulate cellular growth to help tissue repair and collagen production. One of our board-certified plastic surgeons injects the PRP into your skin and facial tissues to address your cosmetic concerns. We typically recommend three to four treatments four to eight weeks apart.

Patients in 14 studies reported positive cosmetic results from PRP treatments alone or combined with another nonsurgical procedure such as microneedling. These men and women experienced improved skin texture, tone and volume, which refreshed their appearance and decreased wrinkles.

Some of the ways PRP can rejuvenate your face include:

1.    Restore a Youthful Skin Texture

Restore youthful skin elasticity for a brighter, smoother complexion with PRP. As you age, collagen and elastin production slow down. These proteins are responsible for supple, taut skin, which is why you experience lines, wrinkles and volume loss in your face and body beginning as early as your late 20s. PRP treatments motivate your body to produce more collagen and elastin to thicken skin and improve the texture, making it an effective option for wrinkles, acne scarring and thin skin under the eyes. Combined with microneedling, PRP can help correct pitted acne scars and deep lines and wrinkles.

2.     Improve Skin Discoloration

Excess time in the sun takes its toll on your appearance. Repeated UV light exposure on your face and body can lead to melasma — skin hyperpigmentation or discoloration. Your forehead, cheeks, lips and nose are particularly prone to skin tone changes. Pregnancy, genetics and oral contraceptives also increase your risk of melasma. PRP treatments can help repair sun damage and reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation lesions and a yellowish skin tone. This option also comes with fewer side effects than other skin discoloration treatments such as tretinoin and hydroquinone.

3.    Reduce Lines and Wrinkles

The natural loss of elasticity and slowed collagen production worsens as you age, causing facial lines and wrinkles. PRP provides genuine facial rejuvenation because of the healing properties of the growth factors found in your blood. New collagen and elastin are formed to nourish the skin tissues and heal skin damaged by sun exposure, aging and other factors. These treatments smoothen the appearance of lines and wrinkles by thickening and tightening the skin.

PRP treatments are safe and effective with little to no downtime required and minimal risks as PRP is derived from your blood.

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