Facial Rejuvenation in SacramentoAfter the age of 30, our body’s production of collagen and elastin — two proteins that are essential to maintaining firm, plump and toned skin — starts to deteriorate. Consequently, what used to be tight, smooth skin starts to appear loose and saggy.

If you are seeking a skin tightening treatment, you have plenty of options, according to the team at The Plastic Surgery Center. The treatment that is right for you will depend on how lax the skin is. Mildly loose skin may improve with non-invasive treatments, whereas extremely loose, saggy skin will probably require surgical correction.

Fractional Laser Treatment

If you are just starting to see signs of aging and have modest skin laxity, you might be a great candidate for laser skin tightening.

Fractional laser treatment with the Palomar Lux 450 laser is a minimally invasive way to treat mild laxity of the skin on the face, neck and other areas such as the hands and arms. The technology uses light energy to treat the skin in columns, leaving healthy skin intact in between the columns. This stimulates the body’s healing response and the production of new collagen for tighter, healthier skin.

With laser skin tightening, there is virtually no recovery time and minimal aftereffects. A series of treatments is usually recommended for optimal results. Improvements can be seen within a few days.

Lumenis Aluma

Another minimally invasive treatment for mild skin laxity is the Lumenis Aluma technology, which combines vacuum and bipolar radiofrequency energy to heat the underlying layers of skin and stimulate the production of more collagen. As the body’s collagen supply increases, the skin looks smoother and tighter.

Treatment with Lumenis Aluma is fast and virtually painless, with no downtime. A series of treatments is usually needed to see the desired results. Improvements can be seen starting at one month after the first treatment.


Moderate to severe laxity usually cannot be improved non-surgically. Facelift safely and reliably treats laxity and gives the face an overall more youthful appearance. During the procedure, redundant skin in the mid and lower face is removed and the remaining skin and underlying tissues are lifted and tightened.

Facelift is a surgical procedure that requires incisions, anesthesia and one to two weeks of recovery downtime. Initial improvements can be seen almost immediately, continuing to stabilize in the weeks and months following surgery.

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