A thighplasty or thigh lift procedure is performed for correcting loose or sagging skin in the outer and inner thighs of an individual. It also helps in removing the extra fat deposits while enhancing the shape of the thighs. A thighplasty is very often performed along with a lower body lift or a total body lift.

Why Choose a Thighplasty

With increasing age, the upper legs tend to become a problematic area for a lot of people. There are also people who find that no amount of exercise or diet is helpful in toning the stubborn thigh area. It is common for cellulite, excess skin, and fat cells to get accumulated in the thighs. The result is that you look older and heavier than you actually are.

The sagging thigh skin may also make you feel conscious about your appearance. A thigh lift is an excellent option to consider if you’re unhappy with the appearance of your thighs and wish to tone them.

The Procedure

It takes approximately two hours to execute the thighplasty procedure. It is an outpatient procedure and general anesthesia is typically administered for during the treatment. Different types of incisions may be made after detailed consultation between the doctor and patient.

There are three different kinds of thighplasty surgeries and they include:

• The inner thigh lift
• The medial thigh lift
• The bilateral thigh lift

To perform a thigh lift, your surgeon will begin by marking the thighs prior to the surgery. In each type of thigh lift, deep sutures will be used for closing the incisions. This will help ensure that no sagging occurs once the incisions are healed.

While performing the procedure, your doctor will place some drains in the surgical area to drain out any excess fluid that can build up after the surgery. These drains are typically removed after a couple of days have passed.

Many patients choose to combine a thigh lift with liposuction to obtain better results. It is also possible to combine a thigh lift with various other body shaping procedures like an abdominoplasty and non-surgical procedures such as dermal fillers.

Plastic surgeons can use multiple techniques to customize the thigh lift procedure to meet the exact needs of each patient. It is best to have a detailed consultation with your surgeon so that you both can come up with a personalized treatment plant that will help satisfy your specific goals and needs. By doing this, you will not be left worrying about the final results.


The recovery time after a thigh lift procedure will vary from case to case. Generally speaking, the majority of the patients who have undergone the procedure have reported very little pain following the surgery. This discomfort can be easily alleviated with pain medications prescribed by your doctor.

All patients are recommended to take adequate rest after the surgery and to avoid too much leg movement. You may need to take a couple of days off from work in order to facilitate the recovery process. Any noticeable swelling or bruising is likely to disappear within one month. You will be fit to resume your normal activities within a few months.

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