Are you ready for a fresh, youthful look? You can achieve it with the Obagi Blue Peel treatment, a popular chemical peel that gets rid of those dead skin cells on the face and makes way for gorgeous skin.

Once you’ve gotten your Obagi Blue Peel, you’ll begin to notice peeling of your layers of dead and damaged skin cells in around two to three days. This process will continue for up to five more days.

In about ten days from when you received your Obagi Blue Peel, your fresh, vibrant skin layer will begin to be revealed. This will continue and eventually become more subtle. Once around four to six weeks have passed, the process will be complete, and you’ll be fully able to enjoy your beautiful new complexion.

Visit The Plastic Surgery Center to get started with your Obagi Blue Peel! When you contact our office, you can schedule a consultation with one of our experts, who will discuss the chemical peel process with you and make sure all of your questions are answered.