More patients visiting The Plastic Surgery Center are asking the Sacramento plastic surgeons about fat grafting to contour their posterior.

Sacramento, March 10, 2008 — Cosmetic surgery patients are increasingly interested in buttock augmentation in Northern California, according to one of the Sacramento plastic surgeons at The Plastic Surgery Center near California State University, Sacramento. Dr. Scott Green noted that this trend mirrors the 2007 statistics recently announced by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Though the absolute numbers of buttock augmentation procedures are still relatively small, adding up to just several thousand across the country, it is notable that buttock augmentations rose 108% in 2007 compared to 2006. “It’s really not surprising when you stop to think about it,” said Dr. Green. “As cosmetic procedures become more acceptable and even desirable in our society, people are interested in fine tuning areas of the body they just had to live with in the past.”

There are two approaches to buttocks augmentation: fat grafting and implants. Dr. Green and the other Sacramento plastic surgeons use the fat grafting method. He explained, “The technique has many advantages. For one thing, it’s much less invasive and painful than augmentation with implants.” Dr. Green and his colleagues also feel that fat grafting yields a more natural result. After a short amount of healing time, the result feels and looks like your own posterior because cells from your body have been used.

The best candidates for the procedure are people with a bit of fat to spare elsewhere on their body. The fat is usually harvested from the thighs or abdomen, and then carefully injected in layers into the buttocks. Occasionally patients require a second session if a significant amount of fat is absorbed by the body after their first procedure.

Buttock augmentation is rising in popularity for both women and men. Some want to reshape a rear that’s overly flat or square and makes them feel self-conscious. Others want to recontour their buttocks to be in better proportion to the rest of their body. “If you’re unhappy with the look of your buttocks, why not consider fat grafting?” said Dr. Green. “The procedure is safe and relatively straightforward, and though you need to be prepared to take it easy for several days, you’ll be able to sit for a while from day one.”

Dr. Green and the other Sacramento plastic surgeons who practice at The Plastic Surgery Center note that most patients are very pleased with their new shape after buttocks augmentation. “Most tell us they are delighted in the way their clothes fit and look,” said Dr. Green.

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