With age, the skin of the brow and the forehead becomes lax. This results in wrinkles and lines in the forehead and brow, making a person appear older than they really are. To correct these signs of aging, many people come in for a brow lift.

The brow lift involves the creation of one or more incisions, through which your plastic surgeon alters the underlying tissues of the forehead and brow. Once the operation is complete, these incisions are closed. To do this, your plastic surgeon will use surgical tape, medical clips, or surgical stitches. These areas are then covered using bandages.

Does the brow lift sound like the right option for you? If you’re ready to lose those wrinkles and that loose skin, it’s time to contact our office and set up a consultation. The skilled surgeons at The Plastic Surgery Center in Sacramento consistently work to ensure a quality patient experience and results that speak for themselves.

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